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Norton 360 Free Trial

Today internet has become so advanced that every day we are getting new facilities online. So many interesting games, movies and information can be added online. The more different sites we visit, higher the risk we face for our data.
Most of us have a single PC on which we work, play games and watch movie and even shop for our jewelry and while visiting different sites for doing all these things we are more prone to virus attacks and spy ware installations.

Norton 360 Free Trial Information

What will a Norton 360 Free Trial do for You?
Download Norton 360 Free Trial Now
Why should you download Norton 360?
Buying Norton 360 instead of using a Norton 360 Free Trial


What will a Norton 360 Free Trial do for You?

Your Norton 360 free trial version that is available to you can check whether your PC has a virus or not. Many of us do not purchase antivirus software as we believe that out computer will not get virus as it is a home PC. Corporate offices always take precaution against virus attacks by installing antivirus software. As per the research most of the viruses are downloaded to our computers through these common sites which we visit. Many sites have links and we always move from one site to another. When we visit different sites, the site downloads some of the temporary files to our computer and that is the time most of the spyware enter our PC. 

It is believed that our computer may have information which will be extremely important to us but it may not be important to other people and hence nobody will bother to send spyware or bots to our computer.This may always not be true. Today thousands of computers are having bots and the control of the computer is with somebody else who may not be the owner of the computer.

If you download Norton 360 free trial version today, you will be relieved of this problem. 30 day trial version from Norton is very important for you to know the effectiveness of this software. You might realize that your computer does not have any viruses or Malware at the moment but what about future? Every day there are new software and Malware coming in the market and we never know how far can we escape from them?

Download Norton 360 Free Trial Now

When you download Norton 360 free trial version, make sure you compare it with other latest antivirus software. Norton gives you many extra facilities apart from protecting your computer from the possible threats. Use your trial version to the optimum to understand all the hidden features of Norton all in one security.

While trying Norton 360 free trial, you can visit many sites which you thought are not simple or clean as it can test your software.

Norton 360 free trial version needs to be downloaded and installed on your machine. After the installation you need to register your trial version with the Norton by giving them your email address. You need product key to activate the trial version which will come to your given email id. After the activation every time you start your computer for the next 30 days the Norton 360 will get activated and will monitor your Pc and protect it from harmful viruses.

It will check every site you visit and every file you download. In fact your email attachment will also be scanned before it comes to you.

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Why should you download Norton 360?

If you are computer system or your laptop is running slow and
testing your patience then you need to get an antivirus and install it.
The reason why your system is running slow and hanging is because
there are viruses and cookies in your laptop which come from
browsing through unsafe websites. To protect your computer and to
ensure full safety you must have an antivirus. The best option is to
download Norton 360. Why should you go for this antivirus software
and not any other? There are more reasons than one to justify this statement.

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Features of the Norton 360 free trial;

1)    It comes with an anti virus shield which acts as a firewall for your system. The firewall protects the system against all possible threats that come from browsing certain sites. To make sure that your computer is protected from spam you should not visit web pages that pose as a possible threat. If you download Norton 360 then it will automatically guard your computer and warn you in advance which websites should be visited and which should not be.

2)    Parents are very happy with this software because the software has parental control. The parental control lets them control on what their children can do on the internet and what they cannot do. The function of parental control is also very easy to apply and it is explained very well in the handbook.
3)    You also get phishing protection which is beneficial for your computer or system and guarantees long life.
There are many versions available of this antivirus software such as 1.0, 2.0 up to 5.0. You can download Norton 360 of the available versions. The newer version you download the better because the last version is the most updated and has the most functions. The Norton antivirus is also available for all the versions of windows such as Windows XP, Windows XP professional, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32 bit and windows 7 64 bit as well. The antivirus versions are compatible for all the windows versions.

Buying Norton 360 instead of using a Norton 360 Free Trial

You can buy the CD of Norton 360 from any electronics shop or you can simply download it from the internet. There are many websites on the net from where you can download Norton 360. Along with the software you also get an instruction manual. The instruction manual is very simple and easy to understand and all the functions are explained at length.
It would be a good idea to download the Norton 360 because it not only protects your system but cleans your computer of cookies and viruses. It acts like a wall against the possible threats. If you have this antivirus you need not worry about opening any web page because no matter what you open the antivirus is there to protect your computer. Once you have downloaded the antivirus you should also keep a check for updates and new versions. The antivirus also has an expiry date and when it expires you have to reinstall it on your system.

Get your Norton 360 Free Trial Now!

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